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Metal Smelting Equipment

  • Fine Drawing Machine

    Fine Drawing Machine

    Mainly used for Φ0.8-Φ1.2mm copper rods drawing to copper wireRead More

  • Upcasting Machine

    Upcasting Machine

    Shanghai Belltronic is professional Copper rod upcasting machine manufacturer, our products are in promotion. If you are distributor of Upcasting machine ,Automacitc copper rod upcasting machine, and if you have any questions or requirement for upcasting machine, please contact us freely.Read More

  • Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

    Continuous Casting and Rolling Production Line

    Application: Aluminium Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line(CCR line) used for producing copper rod through melting, casting and continuous rolling process from the raw material. The series equipment used for producing Al & Al alloy rod through melting, casting...Read More

  • Medium Wire Drawing Machine

    Medium Wire Drawing Machine

    Mainly used for Φ3mm copper rods drawing to copper wire with continuous annealing Technical Parameters:Read More

  • Break Down Machine

    Break Down Machine

    Mainly used for Φ8mm copper rods drawing to Φ1.2 ~ Φ4.0mm copper wire, after continuous annealing the wire to be soft Technical Parameters:Read More

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