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Fault and elimination method of leather line cable production line
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Common faults and elimination methods of leather wire and cable production line

Malfunction: The magnetic powder brake can not work properly and even "die" when the line is tested.

Reason (Possible): 1. Tension controller Damage

2. PLC Module damage

Elimination method: 1. Replace the tension controller

2. Replace the PLC module

Fault: The line of the line of the line cable is not working properly

Reason (Possible): 1. The position of the dancer (potentiometer) is not correct

2. potentiometer damage or thread welding

3. Danfoss Controller exception

Elimination Method: 1. Adjust potentiometer position

2. Replace Potentiometer

3. Handle the controller problem correctly

Failure: The production line of the leather cable is not working properly

Reason (Possible): 1. Emergency stop not reset

2. The production line exists the alarm

Elimination Method: 1. Check the alarm interface whether the production line alarm exists

Fault: Abnormal heating system of leather line optical fiber line

Reason (Possible): 1. Thermocouple contact bad or ground contact bad

2. Thermal Relay Damage

Elimination Method: 1. Check the terminal connector and ground wire, and handle it well

2. Replace the new thermal relays

Failure: Traction stop of leather line cable production line

Reason (Possible): 1. Incorrect controller settings

2. Controller Alarm

Elimination Method: 1. Change the correct settings

2. Identify the cause of the fault alarm

Fault: The line of the leather line is not accurate

Reason (Possible): After troubleshooting mechanical problems:

1. Adjust the counts coefficient.

2. Proximity switch Damage

Elimination Method: 1. Adjust the Mi Xiuzheng coefficient on the interface

2. Replace the new proximity switch